Pradeep’s First-ever book – My Connie – celebrates the true and special bond between himself and his beloved wife – Connie. A love story that was brewed in an Indian restaurant on the historic North Wells street and sealed through marriage in a Chicago Court. This book shows that true love is possible, and in a very special way. The author details how he boarded a Lufthansa flight from New Delhi, India to Chicago, United States with just 7 dollars in his pocket. During a stopover in Frankfurt, Germany, Pradeep Berry was already having second thoughts about the trip. He was homesick and wanted to board the transatlantic flight ahead and go back to his beloved Delhi. But there was not enough money to book a return flight home. What Mr. Berry didn’t know thatknow was that upon his arrival in Chicago, something truly amazing and transformative was waiting. 

Pradeep met Miss Constance Ann Fuller during his first week in Chicago. It was love at first sight. Transformative to the core. The author was amazed by the intelligent, beautiful, young American woman. They got to liking each other right away and could hardly spend time apart. The polite, smart, and self-made Connie challenged the young Pradeep to at least get to know Chicago before he made the trip back to his native India. They visited many places together, including top restaurants in the city, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Art Institute. 

Before long, Pradeep was half minded about returning to India. He decided to stay a lot longer and together with Connie, unlocked an amazing life full of happiness and opportunities. This truly heartfelt book is an emotional roller coaster. The author explores his experiences in the US, his decades of steadfast, loving union with Connie, and ultimately the unbearable pain and suffering upon her demise. In many ways, My Connie is an extraordinary, moving read!